Life is a Shit-Show.: A Lesson in Gratitude and Spunkivity.

Being broke….is no fun. Being jobless…..is no fun. Being single….well, that’s not so bad, but at times…..it’s not fun. Okay. I get it. My life is a shitshow.

But here’s why I’ve never been happier. Yes. I’ve never been happier. I mean, I know that I’m missing the three most necessary attributes to be considered an adult in this fair city…including the sacred keys to my own domicile (Free rent at Mom’s house is better than homelessness.), but I am so happy with my life.
Here’s why:

(1) God has allowed me to see another day.
Yes, it’s true. I thank God that I’m alive, and that he allowed me to draw another breath when I woke up this morning.

(2) I have food to eat…Vegan food to eat.
I’m lucky in that I have a mildly supportive parent who respects the fact that I don’t eat anything with a face…even though she grumbles about my health from time to time. Sometimes, she’ll even cook….and she’s better than me. I’ve accepted that.

(3) I have friends and family who refuse to let me wallow in misery.
They say that it’s all about the network, right? So what if I’m jobless and can’t move out? So what if I’m constantly walking places because I’d rather save the Metrocard fare get some exercise? No matter what happens, there are a cadre of people in my corner who push me to be better by telling me that it’s going to get better. They send me job applications. They offer a shoulder to cry on when it gets rough. It doesn’t get better than that.

(4) Material things don’t really matter.
I’ve always loved nice things. I’ve always had nice things around me. However, in my jobless state, I’ve had to drastically scale back my nice things. Has it been heart-wrenching? Of course it has! However, it’s forced me to take of stock of the qualities that I use to define myself, and focus on the shit that really matters. So instead of spending upwards of $60 buying make-up that I’ll only use twice, I spend a bit less on my favorite salted caramel donut. Hey…it’s about the experience, right? Trust me. That donut is a HEAVENLY experience….for four bucks. JACKPOT!

(5) I know that I have the power to change things.
This may sound weird, but it’s true. I believe that I have the power to change the negativity in my life. I mean, it’s all about the positive outlook, right? Why spend thousands of dollars (that I don’t have) going to some retreat to have some plastic-surgeried nutcase put me in a tent smelling of hickory smoke and ass just to tell me that the secret to happiness is a positive outlook? I’m calling b.s. on that.
Now, admittedly, I may not always ACT on the positive outlook thing(after the 70th job application, you kind of blend them all into one big one.), but I know that at the end of the day, it’s better to go to sleep with a frown turned upside down…:)

So that’s my testimony of the day. What have you learned in your experiences?

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